Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Commercial!

I just got back from a fun trip to Darlington SC, to do a commercial with the talented Sophia Moore and her business partner Sarah Costello from PropTarts! It was so much fun, cause not only was a wardrobe stylist, but I was a product stylist! I got to style Coke bottles, Pringles cans, and Bounty napkins as our STAR (will fill you in later who that was!), came into a Tour bus to grab a coke out of the Dollar General bag! Not only was I hanging out in a tour bus, but I was hanging out on Darlington Speedway! First time for all of this, and it was awesome! The promotion is Race, Rock, and Refresh....and I got to work with Darius Rucker!

Check out some of my pics from my trip!

Driving on the race track!

Waiting around for the next cue!

Darius waiting for his entrance!

If you are interested in entering the sweepstakes, please check it out here! Also, look out for the commercial coming soon!