Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guess who's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, just a little bored. My life has been super eventful since I started doing the set costuming for features and television. I love it! I was supposed to head to Nashville next week to start a new feature, but it got pushed back til Spring! : ( So I am on my super job search to work on the next project!

While I wait for the next project to arise, I will be working with my Mom's new company, It'Sugar, making a candy dress! It is a wonderful opportunity to go back to my creative roots and remember what I love about fashion and art! I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve as far as my ideas for a dress go, but that is to be shown off later! I will blog my experience doing this project! Meanwhile, check out my Mom's new company at .

Going back in time a little, I just completed a show 3 weeks ago called Sleeping Around. Fun show! Got to work with my buddy Amber Givens, the girl who got me my start in the film industry! I got to work with some pretty talented actors and learned from some pretty talented costumers. Plus, the highlight of the show was working with an actor I have been a fan of since "Just Friends", Chris Marquette. Check out what my good friend did for me when he wrapped out the movie!

I was too scared to ask him!!! But he asked me all to the thanks of my good friend Taylor! Love you girl! Best wrap gift ever!

So  going back before this feature, I did a short movie/music video with the guys from KOTK Productions, Cory Doggett and Justin Beasley. We worked with the amazing band IWABO (I wrestled a bear once) and made this hysterical horror film laced with their kick ass music! I had the best time shooting this, and made some wonderful people that I want to work with again in the future!
Recently the poster came out for the movie and its awesome, and the movie will premiere at the Rock and Shock Film Festival, along with the band! Looks like so much fun and wish I could make the premiere!

Stay tuned as I will be adding my new Makeup Artists Portfolio to my page! She is amazing and is getting her career boosted in the Makeup world!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA!

I have been super blessed the past few months with work and have realized my passion is to be a set costumer. I just completed a film at the end of May called Destiny Road. It was a beautiful store about 3 lives coming together through their faith in church. I met the greatest people with the same passion I do, and it was so enlightening.

So in 2 weeks I am heading to Greensboro NC to work a music/movie shoot with a super rad band! Their name is IWABO (I Wrestled a Bear Once). The lead singer is a woman that is totally kick ass and has extremely cool vocal need to listen for yourself! Check em out and I will let you know how the shoot goes when I get back!

The week following that I am going to work on a film here in Charlotte, so once I complete my 6 week run on that project I will report back!

With my 6 week vacay, I have been super busy! I just moved, and have been working on projects with my new home, which is our sanctuary! We have a huge back yard, and so many fun activities to enjoy! Plus I am working on little sewing projects to keep me busy too! I just completed a dress for Isla! Here you go for your viewing pleasure!

And here are some photo's from a shoot I did with the talented Photographer Bernitki Stradford and MUA Tara DiPetrillo before I headed off to do the movie in April.

Smooches everyone! Hope to be back soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Commercial!

I just got back from a fun trip to Darlington SC, to do a commercial with the talented Sophia Moore and her business partner Sarah Costello from PropTarts! It was so much fun, cause not only was a wardrobe stylist, but I was a product stylist! I got to style Coke bottles, Pringles cans, and Bounty napkins as our STAR (will fill you in later who that was!), came into a Tour bus to grab a coke out of the Dollar General bag! Not only was I hanging out in a tour bus, but I was hanging out on Darlington Speedway! First time for all of this, and it was awesome! The promotion is Race, Rock, and Refresh....and I got to work with Darius Rucker!

Check out some of my pics from my trip!

Driving on the race track!

Waiting around for the next cue!

Darius waiting for his entrance!

If you are interested in entering the sweepstakes, please check it out here! Also, look out for the commercial coming soon!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Working for the next 2 weeks!

So I am uber excited cause I just landed a job on my first movie set! I will reveal details later of what movie I am working on! But, first night down, and everyone is super cool and laid back! Plus I am working with my friend from Southern Fried Stings (which debuts on March 21st, who wants to party?) Amber Givens, and she is super cool! Plus, I have a little makeup artist friend that is there from time to time, that I cannot wait to see on set! ; ) You know who you are......Tara DiPetrillo!

Stayed tune to more details, probably in the next 2 weeks!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Additions....

So here are some my new additions to the Candace K Styling Creative Closet!

I wanna do something Marilyn Monroe-esque with this!

These are mine, you will never believe how much I paid for these! But I plan to use them on a model that is size 10!

This is a hat! I need a hat head to show this off better, but stay tuned it will be part of a costume coming soon!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

What to do now....

So, I applied over a month ago for Cirque du Soleil, and today was my interview. My hopes were to be part of their tour to be a wardrobe dresser for the time they were in town. I thought it would be fabulous experience for my career, to be able to dress such amazing performers.

Last week I was supposed to meet with the wardrobe manager for a group interview setting. But since that was my last day on set of the tv show, I was unable to make it. I called them to let them know of why I could not make it, and she told me they had already hired enough costumers for the show. I took it as a sign that it was not meant to be. But much to my surprise the next day they called to set up a personal interview. I was shocked! Had all my hardwork shined through to them? I knew it would be something special.

Today, I arrived to their giant blue and yellow tents. I was greeted at the gate by security guard handing me a hard hat, and a neon vest. It was crazy, and totally clashed with my outfit, to say the All the people there to set up this event was amazing, and you could feel an enormous amount of energy with the crowd there. Everyone seemed so happy!

Well to make a long story short, I interviewed, and lost the position to someone else. I know that I had the expertise and the passion to do a good job. I question why I did not get the position, but who knows, maybe it was all know me...I get along with everyone. ; ) But maybe I seemed to confident...I will not question it any more, as I know it was something that was not meant to be. I hate that I hype stuff up to friends and family, and when I do not get it, it almost seems embarrassing....I know my worth, and people that I have worked with see the passion  I have for this. I think the feeling of rejection is the only thing I need to overcome.

So, I know something bigger and better will come my way, I have that feeling in my heart. I am not going to stop people! You just wait....the best is yet to come!

xoxo Candace

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And so it ends....

The past week of my life was changed by an opportunity of a lifetime. I was hired to work as the Wardrobe Manager of the show Southern Fried Stings on TruTV. All the hardwork I had done leading to this position paid off. Good thing I was prepared because I endured 12 hour on set days and then had to work from there to prep for the following day. I loved every minute of it. I am so sad that this job is over, as it was a dream for me! The fast pace of the position, the people, and the excitement of the show itself will forever be in my memory!