Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA!

I have been super blessed the past few months with work and have realized my passion is to be a set costumer. I just completed a film at the end of May called Destiny Road. It was a beautiful store about 3 lives coming together through their faith in church. I met the greatest people with the same passion I do, and it was so enlightening.

So in 2 weeks I am heading to Greensboro NC to work a music/movie shoot with a super rad band! Their name is IWABO (I Wrestled a Bear Once). The lead singer is a woman that is totally kick ass and has extremely cool vocal chords....you need to listen for yourself! Check em out and I will let you know how the shoot goes when I get back!

The week following that I am going to work on a film here in Charlotte, so once I complete my 6 week run on that project I will report back!

With my 6 week vacay, I have been super busy! I just moved, and have been working on projects with my new home, which is our sanctuary! We have a huge back yard, and so many fun activities to enjoy! Plus I am working on little sewing projects to keep me busy too! I just completed a dress for Isla! Here you go for your viewing pleasure!

And here are some photo's from a shoot I did with the talented Photographer Bernitki Stradford and MUA Tara DiPetrillo before I headed off to do the movie in April.

Smooches everyone! Hope to be back soon!

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