Sunday, February 27, 2011

What to do now....

So, I applied over a month ago for Cirque du Soleil, and today was my interview. My hopes were to be part of their tour to be a wardrobe dresser for the time they were in town. I thought it would be fabulous experience for my career, to be able to dress such amazing performers.

Last week I was supposed to meet with the wardrobe manager for a group interview setting. But since that was my last day on set of the tv show, I was unable to make it. I called them to let them know of why I could not make it, and she told me they had already hired enough costumers for the show. I took it as a sign that it was not meant to be. But much to my surprise the next day they called to set up a personal interview. I was shocked! Had all my hardwork shined through to them? I knew it would be something special.

Today, I arrived to their giant blue and yellow tents. I was greeted at the gate by security guard handing me a hard hat, and a neon vest. It was crazy, and totally clashed with my outfit, to say the All the people there to set up this event was amazing, and you could feel an enormous amount of energy with the crowd there. Everyone seemed so happy!

Well to make a long story short, I interviewed, and lost the position to someone else. I know that I had the expertise and the passion to do a good job. I question why I did not get the position, but who knows, maybe it was all know me...I get along with everyone. ; ) But maybe I seemed to confident...I will not question it any more, as I know it was something that was not meant to be. I hate that I hype stuff up to friends and family, and when I do not get it, it almost seems embarrassing....I know my worth, and people that I have worked with see the passion  I have for this. I think the feeling of rejection is the only thing I need to overcome.

So, I know something bigger and better will come my way, I have that feeling in my heart. I am not going to stop people! You just wait....the best is yet to come!

xoxo Candace

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