Monday, January 31, 2011

The Debut of my First Gown - The Koi Dress

So this was an exciting event for me as I was given the task of creating an animal for a photo shoot with Alexa Poletti and her amazing team. I am so drawn to animals that are in the water, and koi fish was the first animal that came to mind. My initial idea was to take existing pieces and reconstruct them to my vision of what a koi dress would look like. After discussing details with my mother, she told me she would sew my vision. So we set out and seeked fabrics that fit the fluttery fish we were going to put on a model. We first found our first accent piece at Piccolo in Belmont. It was perfect! It had all the texture we could ever want for the dress. Then we headed off to Hancock Fabrics and seeked out our final materials. Since we wanted the illusion she was wet, and the possibility she would go in the water, we went with a white spandex as the basis of the gown. Then because I am obsessed with tulle and sequins, those were the final touches we added to the dress. Sequins gave me the illusion of scales, and the tulle was to give the dress some flare. Of course my super talented Mom, Lugene, gave it some of her spin as well. With the orange scarfing, and the textures she felt would feel fish-like. So here is my first dress....there is more to come as well! As a wardrobe stylist I am always on the hunt for things that I cannot find. I find that it would be easier for me to just design what I am seeking. So here's to my journey of creating wardrobe! I am so excited! And if you have ideas for me, please email me!
But without further  a are the images from the shoot, and I am so grateful to this young team of talent! And I am so grateful for them to get me on track with starting my designs!

If interested in Candace K Styling designing something for you, please email to discuss rates and ideas at

Helping Subreen apply makeup to our Koi

Feeding the fish

Working on the dress

Fitting to Perfection

Alexa Poletti - Photographer
Subreen Davis - Hair/Makeup
Christin Sorensen - Model

So beautiful, and the day was fantastic

My Favorite image!

Thank you Alexa, Subreen, and Christin, this was an awesome project!

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