Thursday, January 27, 2011

"YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!" Lover's Quarrel Final Image created by the Talented "A TEAM"

So the image is in! It is more than what I could have ever imagined it to be! The styling was pretty simple with this one, as Avery asked me to go after red. The theme was red to represent anger, and lust. So with that, the models were given an accent piece in red, to portray the anger and lust they were feeling in the image. "Madison" was dressed in a very retro business woman suit with her accent piece being her red jacket. "Molly" wore a red corset, to show her lust right before her lover was blown away, literally....haha.

So here is the story behind the image, I hope you enjoy!

Today has been especially slow for Madison. She has been planning a special night and cannot wait to leave the office. After a long day, Madison comes home to her apartment in New York City. She left work a few hours early to surprise her girlfriend with an anniversary dinner at Le Bernardin.
She closes the front door and yells, “Mollybelle, I’m home! Let’s go out and celebrate!” Mollybelle does not respond. Madison puts her suitcase down and calls Mollybelle’s name once again. Much to her surprise, she hears a man’s voice coming from her bedroom. She grabs the shotgun from the coat closet and heads for the bedroom… She kicks the door open, “You BITCH!”

And here is the behind the scenes pictures!

Also check out the behind the scenes video posted at

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