Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Pride Photo Shoot with the A Team - Aaron and Avery

So yesterday was one of those days, where I was overjoyed by the photo Aaron and Avery did, that I kept going to it and staring. I just could not believe the talents of these 2 young photographers! The timing, the lighting and the mood they set for the team to create this EPIC shot was on point. So last night I played the video of the process leading to the the final image for my husband (you can check it out at and when it got to the final image, I burst into tears! The overwhelming emotion I feel about this picture is indescribable. That is when you know that you have done something you are so proud of. Plus having these awesome photographers to work with is where I am going. If I can start creating costumes and have images like this, my life will be wonderful! I knew after seeing the image, all the hard work and dedication I have all paid off.

Again for your viewing pleasure....the final image....

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