Friday, January 28, 2011

KOI KOI.....

So this weekend was a planned shoot for my Koi gown/costume with Alexa Poletti Photography, and we had a little hiccup with our model we had planned to dress for a month now. I planned this gown around her, and her features, and felt she would really look awesome in it. Well she decided yesterday she was not interested anymore! Ahhhhh! It was a little stressful when you work a project around a model and they cancel! So Model Mayhem was our next option scoping out all the redheads we could find on there that had similar features. Well in turn we found some really fabulous girls/models that would really portray this gown well. But only problem was we needed her in 2 days! We needed her to come fit today and shoot sunday! Our prayers had come true....along came Christin....a beautiful young model with a totally different look than our original model. She was perfect! All involved in the project were really happy to have her on the team! We really needed to refreshed with a person that had all the same passion as we did for this shoot.  Here she is, the beautiful Ms. Christin Sorensen.....Welcome to our team love! We are so glad to have you!

Plus, here is a sneak peek at my is going through some major alterations, but you can at least see the silhouette I am going for!

Fish Tail

This is just an option on the side we played with....

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